BN 110

Our all-rounder, ideal for almost all applications. All other types of machine were constructed based on this machine. This log band saw was first supplied in 1996. There are thus nearly 20 years of experience as a basis. Since then, this machine has been continuously optimised using suggestions from our customers and from our own experience. As a result, an absolutely practical machine has been created. The basic design, however, has remained to this day. More than 250 customers have already been able to convince themselves of the performance and quality of this log band saw.

Mobile sawing without support personnel

With numerous additional equipment, work is made easier for mobile sawyer Christian Schwarz. His Wimmer saw "BN 110 S" is equipped with almost everything that the mechanical engineers of the manufacturer Josef Zenz have to offer. The Swabian mobile sawyer from Winterbach near Stuttgart even screwed a crane onto the sawing chassis. He therefore manages without additional support personnel when working in sawmills. When working for private customers, Christian Schwarz can save his back, even if there is no forklift or tractor front loader available.

Base frame

We do not make any compromises here. We manufacture our basic framework exclusively with a continuous solid beam. The base frame is made of a double-T carrier and the Wimmer saw carriage runs protected inside the double-T-carrier. The log support and the feed rail of the Wimmer saw carriage are therefore on one frame and a precise cut is guaranteed. Stainless steel shafts on the solid cross beams prevent shavings and bark from remaining as well as the blue colouration of the oak. The base frames are supplied in any length by customer request.

Optimal accessibility

The beam is offset parallel to the double T-carrier and is not sideways, so the aide for the board removal is closer to the log and can remove the cut material much more easily. It is also possible to move the energy chain to the other side and then the aid is directly on the log.


mobile Saw

Base frame

Due to the solid beam of the base frame, there is no lengthy alignment of our log band saws. Eight mechanical screw fittings ensure a firm hold, even with less than perfect sub-surfaces.


Hydraulic leg supports

By request, there are also hydraulic leg supports that make it even faster to set up the saw.

Weatherproof cabin

Our weatherproof cabins have proven successful for mobile saws. These are very stable and do not need to be folded down for transport. The windows are made of safety glass and always remain clear. The saw is not longer, since the collapsed cover ends at the machine end. In strong winds, the standard supplied tarp can be hung in the cover. Another advantage is that the operator's eyes are protected against the sawdust in the event of a head wind. 


Luxury cabin

The height of this cabin is hydraulically adjustable and therefore the saw does not need to be risen so that the saw kerf is always at eye level. Completely closed with lighting, heating and sound and heat insulation, this cabin meets even the highest standards. Built-in headlights and sun protection film are also available. The windscreen wiper is of course included as a standard.


Since 2000, we have been offering the mobile version with the option of a flap extension, which can be mechanically or hydraulically pivoted. The advantage is that the drive cables do not need to be replaced and the set-up time is therefore shortened. Of course, plug extensions in all desired lengths are also offered.



If desired, a height adjustable drawbar is also available.


Air brake

Because of the stability of our log band saw and the extensive equipment options, it happens more and more often that the log band saw weighs more than 3.5 tonnes, which is why the installation of a pressure-air brake system is necessary here.


Electrical box protection

Especially when in use in other companies and when loading with a forklift, it can happen that the electrical box is damaged inadvertently. To prevent this, it is possible to mount a solid protection that can be attached quickly and without tools.



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