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For many years, our log band saws have been used in sawmills for the most part due to their stability and their reliability. However, these sawmills do not just want a log band saw, but rather whole Wimmer sawing machines with mechanisation and many special requests. We are the right partner for sawmills, especially in the area of special requests at a reasonable price. 



We produced a complete system for a pallet factory. Since the customer needed to cut almost exclusively large logs, we took a log band saw from type Z 160S with a broad base frame as a basis. Our round timber supply in heavy-duty design ensures an easy feeding of the logs. Once the log is cut, the operator can use our board remover to place the lumber on a cross conveyor, all from the operator's station.  This cross conveyor is used as a buffer. To remove the lumber with a forklift, the forklift driver can also operate the cross conveyor from the other side.



This customer produces short slats. As a standard, the round timber is lifted onto the saw with our log lifter. After the rind and the side board are cut, they are placed laterally on a roller conveyor by our lumber remover and fed to a trimmer.

The main product is separated into planks. These planks are turned 90° entirely with the log turner and can therefore be sawn into slats. With the help of driven rollers, the entire package is moved to the rear and cut to length with a chop saw. 



This customer manufactures oak floorboards in room length. Since he is a lone wolf and rarely has a helper, his main focus with the saw was operation by only one man. This is our largest and most technically challenging saw to date. A cutting width of 1.45 metres and a length of 30 metres can already indicate the dimensions that we are dealing with here. The 30 metres were desired in order to place several logs on the saw in a row.

The saw runs in fully automatic mode. After the first plank is cut, the customer can remove this from the log with a vacuum lifter that is mounted on a gantry crane and then stack it. Meanwhile, the saw continues to cut. This repeats from log to log and then begins again from the start. A brush ensures that the vacuum lifter works smoothly and the planks can be placed directly into the drying chamber.

Some highlights of the saw:

•    Fully automatic system
•    Radio remote control combined with a gantry crane
•    Two longitudinal cutters on the saw head, which are mutually and laterally adjustable.
•    Lasers show the position of the longitudinal cutters
•    Length of 30 metres
•    Cutting width of 1.45 metres


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