Our saws are universally applicable. You can convince yourself of the versatility with the following reference customers.

Schwarz, Winterbach

Christian Schwarz sawed part-time with a narrow band saw and by purchasing his first Wimmer saw in 2000 became a professional contract sawyer. In 2011, he was faced with the decision of doing something completely different or having Zenz build a "Wimmer Black" saw. He opted for the latter. Our design engineers, production manager and Mr. Schwarz sat together for many hours in order to realise Schwarz's desires, which were almost all realised. You could clearly see the years of experience of  Mr. Schwarz. In this context, many useful aspects also emerged, which we install in the saw today as standard or offer as an accessory (e.g. board safeguard).

Mohrlok, Black Forest

The company Mohrlok from Baiersbronn (Black Forest) cuts a great deal of strong wood. That is why Mr. Mohrlok bought a Wimmer saw from Zenz in 2007. This saw only cuts logs that do not pass through its gates. The machine is therefore very stressed. Over time, the logs to be cut were getting thicker so that Mr. Mohrlok decided to buy a Z 140 S with a wide frame in 2012.

Cropp, Hamburg

The company Cropp primarily cuts tropical wood. With our saw, it is possible to also cut even this very hard wood. By regulating the cutting speed by means of a frequency converter, all types of wood can be cut.

Lugstein, Austria

Since 1990, Mr. Lugstein has been operating a sawmill together with his son. He began with a mobile saw from a competitor. In 2002, he bought a stationary Wimmer saw type BN 110 with two saw heads (TWIN). As a resourceful former farmer, he built the round wood feed-in and lumber removal by itself. For more than 10 years, he has been more than satisfied with the Wimmer saw. Since the cost of transporting the saw blades to Germany is very high, the Freunberger Sharpening Service from Mondsee take care of his saw blade maintenance. Freunberger is our partner in the sharpening service for our customers in Austria.

OKFT, Hungary

This business in Hungary cuts high quality lumber and lamellae for its own production.

Mobila Trend Design, Romania

This company produces high quality chairs for hotels and restaurants. Since it was always a problem to get the lumber for this purpose in sufficient quality, the company decided to buy a Wimmer saw. This was a Z 160 S with full equipment. All sorts of hydraulic components, brushes, longitudinal and cross cutters and more. In addition to a PLC with a professional line control and fully automatic system, we also supplied the entire mechanisation. Round wood feed-in and the lumber removal both laterally and backwards.

Scierie de Luzy - WIMMER FRANCE

Wimmer France is our representative in France. Two Wimmer saws are working at this company. A BN 110 is in mobile use. The Z 160S saws stationary in-house in their company. In addition to the contract sawmill, they also operate timber trade.


Berglund, Norway

This business is our representative in Norway. Jens Kristian Berglund operates a mobile BN 110 as a contract sawyer. In addition to this work, he still sells forestry equipment

Sinclairsholm, Sweden

Sinclairsholm is an old property where at present agriculture and forestry, pig production and asparagus cultivation are operated. The property comprises about 950 ha, consisting of 310 ha of farmland, 600 ha of productive forest and 40 ha for miscellaneous. In 2004, the company Sinclair Holm Machines was founded, which sells wear parts for agricultural machinery. In 2012, the owner John Barnekow bought a Wimmer saw, which he uses to cut his own wood, but also does contract sawing.


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